Voter information

See full, official voting information on the City of Powell River website. I offer this information as a plain language alternative.

When and where can I vote?

  • October 5 (Wednesday): Recreation Complex
  • October 8 (Saturday): Recreation Complex
  • October 12 (Wednesday): Recreation Complex
  • October 15 (Saturday): Recreation Complex, Brooks School (Townsite), Cranberry Seniors Centre, and James Thompson School (Wildwood)

All voting centres are open 8am-8pm.

While October 15 is the main election day, eligible voters can vote on any date and any location.

Do I need to register to vote?

Nope! Powell River does not have a voters list. You register to vote at the same time that you vote.

Am I eligible to vote?

You must:

  • be Canadian citizen
  • be 18 years or older as of October 15, 2022
  • have lived in BC since at least April 14, 2022 (at least 6 months)
  • not be disqualified from voting for another reason

You also have to EITHER:

  • be a resident of Powell River (you are called a “resident elector”)


  • have owned property in Powell River since at least September 14, 2022 (at least 30 days) (you are called a “non-resident property elector”) – see more below on voting as a non-resident property elector

Permanent residents, landed immigrants, businesses, and corporations are not eligible to vote.

What ID do I need to bring?

Two pieces of ID with your name on it, one of which has your signature. Most people bring a

  • Drivers License or BC ID card, and a
  • bank card or credit card

but other acceptable IDs include (but are not limited to):

  • Vehicle insurance papers
  • Birth certificate
  • Social Insurance Number Card
  • Official mail addressed to you (e.g. tax notice, phone bill, electricity bill)
  • Passport
  • Status card

If neither ID has your address on it, you will need to sign an extra form confirming your address (called a Solemn Declaration).

I’m a student living away from home for school. Can I vote in Powell River?

Yes! You can either vote in Powell River, or where you are for school. To vote in Powell River, you either need to request a mail-in voting package (see the next question), or be in Powell River to vote.

Can I vote by mail?

Yes! You do not need a reason to request a mail-in voting package. You might want to vote by mail because:

  • you are out of town or busy on voting days
  • you have limited mobility and going to a voting station is hard
  • you are ill or for other reasons want to limit your contact with others

You can request a mail-in voting package by October 7, 4pm. To request a mail-in voting package, fill out and send in this form. You can also contact the City of Powell River Elections office at [email protected] or 604-485-8063 with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • That you eligible to vote
  • The address in Powell River that you are a resident or owner of
  • How you want to get the voting package
    • Pick it up at City Hall (by you or a designated person)
    • Get it mailed to you (specify the address)

Mail-in voting packages will start getting sent out around September 29, and the last day they will be mailed is October 6. You can pick up mail-in voting packages before October 14, 4:30pm.

Mail-in ballots must be received by mail, dropped off at City hall, or dropped off at a voting location by October 15, 8pm. Read the City’s full details on mail-in voting.

How do I vote as a non-resident property elector?

You can vote in person or by mail as with everyone else. You can only vote once–if you live in and own property in Powell River, you can’t vote twice.

In order to vote, you must own the property either as an individual, or, if you own with a group of individuals, the majority of the owners need to designate you, in writing, as the person entitled to vote.

You are not eligible to vote if the property is owned wholly or in part by a corporation.

I have mobility issues and can’t get out of my vehicle easily to vote. How can I vote?

You can either vote by mail, or you can ask for a ballot to be brought out to you. Either ask someone to go inside and let them know you are outside, or there will be a phone number in the parking lot of each voting place.

I have further questions!

Contact the City of Powell River Elections office at [email protected] or 604-485-8063.

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